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The Standard Pop Up Marquees comes with a webbed frame which opens up like an umbrella. With two or more persons, the entire shelter takes only a minute or less to open.
Due to the frame's roof structure, the height is approx. two metres throughout.
Multiple Pop Up Marquees can be hired and merged together to make your desired shelter size.
Available sizes: 2mx2m, 3mX3m, 3mX4.5m, 3mX6m and many more
Custom sizes available: 3mX9m, 3mX10.5m, 3mx12m, 6mX6m, 4.5mX6m.. and many more.
We offer Pick up and Self-install / Pack up options available from only $99.99. Speak to staff today by calling 0449 186 809 to find out more about our special deals and offers! 
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