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Synthetic Grass Carpet Flooring

Looking for flooring options to spice up your event and deliver something special?


If so, synthetic grass could be the answer and there is probably no better cost effective way than to hire our grass.

Synthetic grass gives your event a different look. You'll get a cool, calm and classy feel and we're positive our grass will become a talking point. Time and time again our clients tell us they love our grass concepts and watch as their guests want to touch it to make sure it isn't real.

We provide to many suburbs around Melbourne Metro Areas. If you want something more exciting than boring carpet and way less expensive than wooden flooring, then synthetic grass could be the option for you.

Here's why synthetic grass hire might just be the best option for you:

1. Hard wearing: synthetic grass can handle a lot of traffic and still look fantastic.

2. Ideal for events with lots of traffic including corporate events, school events and formals, graduation parties etc.

3. Works well on all surfaces: Synthetic grass not only looks great, it's adaptable to all surfaces. This is particularly useful if your even is outside and you're worried about rain or heat.

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